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Silk Road Boutique

Silk Road Boutique is a premium silk product company providing elegant and luxurious 100% mulberry silk sleepwear and loungewear. Throughout the history silk fabrics are celebrated as one of the best types of textiles because of its breathable character and natural compound proteins, which are renowned for freshening and moisturising your delicate skin. 

Raj of Purley restaurant

Their Chef Mr. M. Rahman has been awarded by Croydon Council as the 2nd place & Highly Recommended in the 2007 Competition of Curry Chef of the Year.

They have recently won a 4 Star Food Hygiene rating from the Environmental Health department at Croydon Council.

Supported IT

Supported IT have been providing IT support and providing computer repair services commercially since 1999, with experience of troubleshooting dating back to 1996. Their experience is wide and over the past years they have supported home users, schools, youth centres, voluntary organisations and small businesses.

The Fun Fed

The Fun Fed was created in Summer 2005. They were born of the feeling that a lot of adults don’t have as much fun as we want to. They somehow get tied up in grown-up existence and leave a lot of the fun stuff behind. Their sessions offer physical activity, laughter, joy, creative opportunities, stress relief, a space to meet new people and the chance to let your hair down and yourself go.